Yaounde, Cameroon


On the 24 January 2022 CODEF in Cameroon will launch the international epilepsy day and the 50 million steps through a National press conference. This will mark the beginning of a series of epilepsy Radio awareness activities and campaigning both at the local, regional and National Radio talk shows. Some schools in the capital city such as Mario primary & secondary schools and others will be carrying out the CODEF epilepsy schools event called “Youth and the 50 million steps for persons with epilepsy walk in schools.” After every event steps will be counted. Meanwhile, the whole Cameroonian population is encouraged to participate in the 50 million steps in order to show their love for someone with epilepsy in school or community. Then photos of such activities from schools and individuals are advised to be sent to CODEF for publication and counting.

However, CODEF Cameroon will begin their Regional epilepsy awareness and 50 million steps campaign on the CRTV Radio Bamenda on 14th January 2022 and on CBC Radio on the 15th Janaury 2022. The whole North west region and the whole state are invited to listen to the program on the Wakeup show called the morning crew in CRTV Radio Bamenda and on Saturday at 11am on CBC Radio. Re-broadcasts shall also be carried out by these radios.