We’re running a fun competition for those taking part in the #50MillionSteps Challenge

There are 4 prizes of $250 each to be won!

To enter, just share your video on social media, using the #50MillionSteps hashtag and tagging @IntEpilepsyDay, between Monday, 10 January, 8am CET and Monday, 14 February, 8pm CET 2022. Videos can be shared to Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.
Entries must be original videos, owned by the person or organisation making the submission. Permission must be provided by anyone shown in the video.

Prizes will be awarded for….
Silliest steps

It might be a one-legged hop or walking on stilts. It might be a walk in a silly costume. But we want to see it!

Cutest pet steps

Who doesn’t love a cute pet video? Whether you have a cat, a parrot or a pony, if your pet is taking steps to raise epilepsy awareness then we’d love to see it!

Best baby steps

Everyone can take part in the 50 Million Steps challenge, whether big or small. Your little one might not be too steady on their feet but every step counts! We would love to see your videos.

Best dance steps

You don’t have to be a prima ballerina to impress us with your dance steps! Share your moves and you could win $250!

50 Million Steps - Epilepsy Day - Pet Steps

To enter, just share your video on social media with the #50MillionSteps hashtag between Monday, 10 January 8am CET and Monday, 14 January 8pm CET.